Cats and Dogs always fight

Alex gritted his teeth in the mirror, checking if they were the right, coffee-stained color as he picked up his toothbrush and his phone. Lazarus first. He dialed the number, and held the mobile device between his ear and his shoulder as he squirted the covering toothpaste-like solution onto his toothbrush, and waited for the incubus to pick up. Several minutes later, he was chatting happily with his old friend, and the conversation ended with Alex requesting they meet at a park not too far from the coast where he was situated. The happy, light tone dropped off as he hung up.

Now for Felix. He took his time first, rubbing the paste over his teeth. He curled his lip, and there is was. White, sparkling teeth. Close enough. He picked up the qtip jar and held his phone in one hand, texting the man and asking him if he wanted to get a coffee. Or lunch.

Or a drink.

He added one of the idiotic winky faces for emphasis, and waited until the phone vibrated again, causing him to jump and smear the glue a little too far. He huffed, and checked the text, from Felix. It read his agreement, and he sent a text back to meet him in a park. He places the phone down and squinted, adding the final touch to the scars flicking from the sides of his mouth and over one eye. His hair was dyed a darker brown than normal, and he exited onto the street in comfortable clothing, his bag full of supplies at his side as it usually was.

Time to break up a fight.